Volume 27, No. 4 - 2015

Table of Contents

Editors' Notes
Pamela J. Konkol, Guest Editor
Simeon Stumme, Guest Editor,
Center for Policy and Social Justice, Concordia University Chicago

Feature Articles

Bilingual Education in English-Only: A Qualitiative Case Study of Language Policy Practice at Lincoln Elementary School
Ingrid Colón, Loyola University Chicago
Amy J. Heineke, Loyola University Chicago

Creating a Climate for Linguistically Responsive Instruction: The Case for Additive Models
Arthi B. Rao, University of Illinois at Chicago
P. Zitlali Morales, University of Illinois at Chicago

The Impact of Educational Policy on English Learners in a Rural Indiana School Corporation
April M. Burke, Central Michigan University

"But I'm a Language Teacher!" Dual Immersion Teacher Identities in a Complex Policy Context
Colleen Chesnut, Indiana University

Dual Language Instruction and Achievement: A Need and a Void in the Midwest
Tammy Oberg De La Garza, Roosevelt University
Erin Mackinney, Roosevelt University
Alyson L. Lavigne, Roosevelt University


Serving English Language Learners Afterschool
Jenell Holstead, University of Wisconsin Green Bay
Kathryn Doll, University of Wisconsin Green Bay

Reviewer Acknowledgments