Volume 29, No. 4 - 2017

Table of Contents

Editors' Notes

Feature Articles

Measuring Teacher Dispositions: Identifying Workplace Personality Traits Most Relevant to Teaching Professionals
Yuankun Yao, University of Central Missouri
Alexander Pagnani, University of Central Missouri
Matt Thomas, University of Central Missouri
Luisa Abellan-Pagnani, University of Central Missouri
Terrell Brown, University of Central Missouri
Dawna Lisa Buchanan, University of Central Missouri

School Level and Other Differences in Illinois Teachers' Use of Data to Inform Instruction
Todd Reeves, Northern Illinois University

Knots in Thinking and the Problem of Enactment: Exploring the Classroom Thinking of Three Novice Teachers
Aaron Samuel Zimmerman, Texas Tech University

Adopting the edTPA as a High-Stakes Assessment: Resistance, Advocacy, and Reflection in Illinois
Jennifer D. Olson, University of Illinois at Chicago
Arthi B. Rao, University of Illinois at Chicago


Corporatizing Public Education--Problems, Pitfalls, and Questions to Consider
Horace R. Hall, DePaul University

Book Review

Improving Teacher Evaluation Systems: Making the Most of Multiple Measures
Reviewed by Jan L. H. Frank, University of St. Thomas