Information for Reviewers

MWER does its best to provide authors with substantive and helpful feedback, regardless of the reviewers’ recommendation for publication, within 6-8 weeks of submission. We understand that education is a demanding field, whether you are a classroom teacher, professor, administrator, student, researcher, policy maker, or volunteer. We will work to accommodate your schedule to make reviewing a satisfying experience, while still responding to our authors in a timely manner.
When you are assigned a manuscript to review you will receive an email notification with a copy of the blinded paper and the review form. You can view the content of the form here. In addition to the review form, you are welcome to make comments directly on the manuscript.

If you would like to review for MWER please submit your name, institution, contact information, and areas of expertise to or click here to provide information about your areas of interest and contact information. If you have reviewed for the journal in the past and would like to update your contact information and areas of expertise, please also email us.

We appreciate your service and look forward to working with you.