Volume 27, No. 2 - 2015

Table of Contents

Editors' Notes

Distinguished Paper

The Simultaneity of Teachers' Practical Intentions
Aaron Zimmerman, Michigan State University

Feature Articles

The Effects of Rater Training on Inter-Rater Agreement
Lisa A. Pufpaff, Ball State University
Laura Clarke, Eastern Kentucky University
Ruth E. Jones, Ball State University

The Preparation of Teacher Candidates for K-12 Online Learning Environments: A Case Study
Nicole V. Williams with Michael J. Casale, The University of Findlay

Graduate Inquiry

The Time for Design-Based Research is Right and Right Now
Jennifer K. Shah, Loyola University Chicago
David C. Ensminger, Loyola University Chicago
Kimberly Thier, Loyola University Chicago

Are Midwestern School Administrators Prepared to Provide Leadership in Special Education?
Michael Schaaf, East Holmes Local School District, Berlin, Ohio
Robert Williamson, The University of Memphis
Jeanne Novak, Bowling Green State University