Volume 29, No. 1 - 2017

Table of Contents

Editors' Notes

Feature Articles

Contradictions of Adolescent Self-Construal: Examining the Interaction of Ethnic Identity, Self-Efficacy and Academic Achievement
Margaret Zoller Booth, Bowling Green State University
Sara Abercrobie, Northern Arizona University
Christopher J. Frey, Bowling Green State University

Voices from the Classroom

"Teacher Centered Coaching": An Instructional Coaching Model
Sonia Wang, University of Chicago Charter Schools

"I Have Shakespeare in My Blood": Reading Intervention with Middle School Boys
Leah Guenther, Chicago Public Schools


Core Reflection as Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Implications for Teacher Education
Aaron Samuel Zimmerman, Texas Tech University

Book Reviews

How to Become Data Literate: The Basics for Educators
Reviewed by Marcia Gail Headley, University of Cincinnati

Data Literacy for Educators: Making it Count in Teacher Preparation and Practice
Reviewed by Todd Reeves, Northern Illinois University

Reviewer Acknowledgements