Volume 27, No. 1 - 2015

Table of Contents

Editors' Notes

Feature Articles

A Mixed-Methods Investigation of Factors and Scenarios Influencing College Students’ Decision to Complete Surveys at Five Mid-Western Universities
Kristin L. K. Koskey, University of Akron
Bryce Cain, Kent State University
Toni A. Sondergeld, Bowling Green State University
Henrique G. Alvim, Walsh University
Emily M. Slager, University of Washington

"MOOCing” On Up? Experiences of an Elusive Course Completer
Joel R. Malin, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

High School Students’ Perceptions of the Relationship between
Music and Math

Jeff Cranmore, McKinney High School, McKinney, Texas
Jeanne Tunks, University of Texas

Book/Media Reviews

Tutoring Matters: Everything You Always Wanted to Know about How to Tutor
Reviewed by Romena M. G. Holbert, Wright State University

Policy Briefs

Principal Roles,Work Demands, and Supports Needed to
Implement New Teacher Evaluation

Shelby Cosner, University of Illinois at Chicago
Steven M. Kimball, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Elizabeth Barkowski, SEDL
Bradley Carl, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Curtis Jones, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Reviewer Acknowledgements