Volume 26, No. 2 - 2014

Table of Contents

Editors' Notes

Feature Articles

Ethnic Identity, Gender, and Adolescent Attitude toward School: Adaptive Perspectives in Diverse Settings
Margaret Zoller Booth, Bowling Green State University
Erin M. Curran, University of St. Thomas
Christopher J. Frey, Bowling Green State University
Jean M. Gerard, Bowling Green State University
Bruce Collet, Bowling Green State University
Jennifer Bartimole, Mid-Hudson Migrant Education Outreach Program

Teacher Professionalism: What Educators can Learn from Social Workers
Mary Antony Bair, Grand Valley State University

Response to Intervention in Illinois: An Exploration of School Professionals' Attitudes and Beliefs
Amy Feiker Hollenbeck, DePaul University
Eva Patrikakou, DePaul University


Using the Power of Questions to Organize for Progressive Education
Melissa Barone, Northeastern Illinois University
Matias Orbea, Northeastern Illinois University
Brian D. Schultz, Northeastern Illinois University
Nadine Brockman, The Children's School, Berwyn, IL
Christina E. Martin, The Children's School, Berwyn, IL
Kate Miller, The Children's School, Berwyn, IL
Allison Greer, Hubbard Woods Elementary School, Winnetka, IL

Kate McLellan, Hubbard Woods Elementary School, Winnetka, IL
Daniel P. Ryan, Hubbard Woods Elementary School, Winnetka, IL

Book/Media Reviews

"Multiplication is for White People": Raising Expectations for Other People's Children
Reviewed by Jennifer E. Sanders, University of Missouri

Policy Briefs

Teacher Evaluation and the Problem of Professional Development
Mark A. Smylie, University of Illinois at Chicago