Volume 25, No. 1/2 - 2012

Table of Contents

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Using Microanalytical Simulation Methods in Educational Evaluation: An Exploratory Study
Toni A. Sondergeld, Bowling Green State University
Svetlana A. Beltyukova, Christine M. Fox, and Gregory E. Stone, The University of Toledo

Graduate Student Scholarship

Assessment in Finland: A Scholarly Reflection on One Country's Use of Formative, Summative, and Evaluative Practices
Katie A. Hendrickson, Ohio University

Blended Learning Environments in Higher Education: A Case Study of How Professors Make it Happen
Sarah E. King and Katie Cerrone Arnold, The University of Akron

Book and Media Review

Classroom Assessment in Action, by M. D. Shermis and F. J. Di Vesta
Reviewed by Christopher DeLuca and Teresa Chavez, University of South Florid